Shumaker Trucking & Excavating Contractors, Inc.

We started in 1960 and were incorporated in 1982. We do projects anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $30 million, in both the private and government sectors.


Shumaker Trucking & Excavating Contractors, Inc.

We have worked on a design build basis with the Montana Department of Transportation, Columbia Grain, BNSF and the DOE Run Company. Our major area for construction projects of all types is the state of Montana, but we have had many projects in other states including Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, and Kansas. We are fully licensed and bonded.

Our Services

Gravel Crushing and Aggregate Production
Mine Reclamation and Contaminated Soil Removal
Heavy Hauling Transport
Our work experience

Building & Demolition

Parking lot construction, building site work, heavy highway construction, subdivision development and more. For the military, we have completed family housing streets, storm drains, sewer and water lines, and Minuteman Missile site work. In the transportation sector, we do gravel crushing, road construction, railroad mainline, spur and shuttle track construction, railroad ballast crushing, railroad emergency work and derailment cleanups, box culvert installations. We can do Mine Reclamation and oilfield reclamation projects, which may involve gravel crushing and contaminated soil removal, landfarming and and treatment. Our work with the Forest Service includes rip rap production and installation, riverbank and streamside reconstruction. For wastewater and garbage, we build landfill cells, sewage lagoons and linings, and contaminated soil landfarming and treatment. We both remove and install underground storage tanks, and can build and install above ground double wall storage tanks.



Our Partner

We own and operate our own Class IV landfill, as well as a Petroleum Contaminated Soils Landfarm Treatment area. We have completed over 60 different petroleum contaminated soil cleanups and over 53 contaminated mine reclamation sites.

We work well with Federal, State and Local governments and are familiar with all paperwork and operational requirements to perform such work. During the height of the construction season, we employ 60 people with approximately 35 with us full time all year long. We have full time Safety Officers and Project Superintendents, and hire extras for specific projects as contracts necessitate. Go to our careers page for more information about openings we may have.